hadoop-database-590x321Learn Apache Hadoop from the world’s best teaching experts. Many of the organizations are using Big Data to maintain their businesses. Hadoop is an open source framework used for storing and crunching big data sets across many clusters of machines.

Many IT Professionals are looking to add Big Data skills to their profile through online learning. H2KInfosys provides you hands on big data online training where the curriculum is designed in a very flexible way.

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                                                100% Job Oriented Hadoop Big Data Online Training by industry experts

Hadoop Big DATA DEMO by Mrs. Raji

  • Join our Big Data Training course and experience real time professional’s training from H2KInfosys. Here you will be introduced to the basics of Hadoop , Hadoop Ecosystem and core components of Hadoop. Later you will be proceeded to the further concepts. All the training sessions will be 100% job oriented and completely practical. You will provided with training material during the course. If you are unable to install the software, our support team will help you in installing the softwares.

  • At H2KInfosys, we offer you the teaching techniques which will help you land in a well paid job. Our training program is designed in a very simple and straight forward manner. We will enhance your theoretical knowledge with our practical and job oriented training sessions which will enable you in getting hands on experience on the subject.

    We not only provide you the training, we will try to impart the real world knowledge and make you experience it so that you will be able to get the job easily post the completion of the course. Keeping the pace with advancement of technology, we are providing both online and onsite training classes which are purely and completely interactive.

  • Big Data Online Training Course Syllabus

    Module 1: Virtual Box/VM Ware

    • Basics, Installations, Backups, Snapshots
    • ClouderaVM
    • Installations
    • Setup Hadoop
    • Pseudo mode, Cluster mode, Installation of Java, Hadoop, Configurations of Hadoop,
    • Hadoop Processes ( NN, SNN, JT, DN, TT), Temporary directory, UI, Common errors when running Hadoop cluster, Solutions

    Module 2: MapReduce

    • Writing a MapReduce Program
    • The MapReduce flow, Examining a sample MapReduce program, Basic MapReduce API concepts,
    • Driver code, Mapper, Reducer, Hadoop’s streaming API, Using Eclipse for rapid development, Hands-on exercise, New MapReduce API
    • Common MapReduce Algorithms
    • Sorting and Searching, Indexing, Term Frequency – Inverse Document Frequency, Word Co-occurrence, Hands-on exercise
    • Writing advance map reduce programs
    • Building multivalue writable data, Accessing and using counters,Partitioner – Hashpartitioner,Hands on Exercises .

    Module 3: Integrating Hadoop into the Enterprise Workflow

    • Integrating Hadoop into an Existing Enterprise
    • Loading Data from an RDBMS into HDFS by Using Sqoop
    • Managing Real-Time Data Using Flume.

  • Hadoop Big Data Interview Questions with Answers

    • What are the prerequisites to attend the Big Data Online Classes?

    Ans : A computer with good internet connection, a microphone(Webcam is optional).

    • Where can I find information on all the courses that are offered?.

    Ans: Please follow the below link to get a preview of our courses http://www.h2kinfosys.com/courses

    • What are the payment options?

    Ans: You can pay through paypal which you can find it on our website.

    • How will the course material be provided? Will it be a hard copy or a soft copy?

    Ans: Everyday class notes; Material will be sent through emails.

    • How can I attend a Demo Class?

    Ans: Please send in an email to training@h2kinfosys.com. We will send the demo session details.

    • Will I get individual attention during an online course?

    Ans: Yes! You can ask questions in the class. Every person gets a chance to ask questions, talk to other participants in the class. Our classes are Instructor led Live Face 2 Face Online classes.

    • Do you provide job placement assistance?

    Ans: Yes we do provide 100% Job Placement Assistance.